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Nifty Notes will revolutionize your music classroom and do away with boring, conventional methods of learning forever!

“It was created out of a passion for music and a love of my students, and I would like to share it with yours!”
Karen Dawson, Author/Piano Teacher

The easy way to teach
Nifty Notes – the Dawson Method of Reading Music, is an essential learning tool of vast benefit to students, teachers and schools.  It provides teachers with a comprehensive program to give them the confidence to teach the subject of music, with little or no musical knowledge! 

More particularly, it also

  • Gives teachers the ability to include or exclude any component in any lesson;
  • Provides teachers with a “real-time” progress report;
  • Provides teachers with the ability to teach students remotely;
  • Becomes an essential component to be incorporated in an aural or theory lesson (particularly useful for private instrumental music teachers);
  • Provides an opportunity to use percussion instruments more creatively;
  • Provides teachers with the flexibility to set tasks at individual levels based on an individual student’s ability and knowledge;
  • Provides school administrators the flexibility to assign teaching staff and/or students to other classes if a teacher is absent;
  • Provides comprehensive evaluation statistics.

It also crosses other areas of learning, as it:

  • improves maths skills,
  • improves a student’s sense of rhythm and therefore motor skills,
  • encourages strategic thinking,
  • promotes confidence in learning,
  • promotes creative writing skills (literacy).

What we can do for teachers and schools

  • We provide teachers who have little or no musical knowledge with a comprehensive music program that can be confidently implemented
  • Teachers can write their own lesson plan within the program, or use our comprehensive “default” lesson plans
  • Fully “user-friendly” program that allows teachers to monitor students’ progress, even in “real time”!
  • Collect and collate statistics from each student on both individual student level and class level
  • Easily set up teachers and classes, and have the flexibility to assign teaching staff and students to other classes if a teacher is absent
  • Use the Nifty Notes pre-defined tests or easily write your own, and assign to each student individually or as a group