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Nifty Notes – The Dawson Method of Reading Music is not specific to one particular instrument, but rather all instruments including vocal groups, choirs, ensembles, orchestras, and bands.   Your music students will learn to easily read music in half the time it normally takes by conventional methods, whilst learning the outcomes and objectives that you have set them.

As Nifty Notes is a game based learning tool, your students will enjoy the engaging way “Nifty Nev” takes them gently from theory to games, to revision and quizzes, and play the game with ease while gaining an invaluable insight into the world of music notation.  As the Dawson Method of Reading Music is based on a gradual build up of becoming familiar with just a few notes and concepts at a time, Nifty Notes will enhance the sight reading of your students, and sharpen the skills of those who can already read music.

Nifty Notes – the Dawson Method of Reading Music is an invaluable tool to prepare your students for practical and written musical examinations.  As it improves their confidence in reading, your students will find all other aspects of their music studies more enjoyable, giving them further incentive to practice their instrument.

Students can learn at their own pace: individually, as a group, as a whole class, or even at home with assigned homework through Nifty Notes.   

Preset module defaults can be chosen to teach a student with clear theory lessons.  Lesson plans can be easily written to incorporate a particular musical concept of study and any combination of theory can be used as an individual unit of study if they wish. 

Preliminary Students:  All Nifty Notes Modules appear in a game format.  Modules 2&3 easily explains simple music notation in a gradual process of four games, assisting in musical concept outcomes.  It “sets the scene” for future learning and understanding of musicology, and gives music teachers the opportunity for students to form their own compositions, with clear explanations and guidance on time signatures.  Students also have an opportunity to use percussion instruments more creatively.

Intermediate Students:  Nifty Notes Modules 3&4 is an invaluable tool to teach your students traditional music notation as a means of recording and communicating their own musical ideas, and more advanced musical concepts.  Intermediate students greatly benefit by using Nifty Notes to explore the relationship between musical symbols and sound.  In addition, Nifty Notes sharpens their skills in reading music particularly in the “Revision Games”, and allows them to further explore the more advanced and complex theory subjects within the program.  Nifty Notes can be used in conjunction with theory books, or the theory books can be thrown away!

Musical Concepts – All Stages:  Nifty Notes – the Dawson Method of Reading Music combines gradual and graded learning concepts in duration, beat, rhythm, pitch, metre, tempo, and rests.    It includes clear theory on each subject, from simple explanations of Middle C, to more complex key signatures and relative structure instruction.  Theory is designed to be easily understood and quiz questions are designed per module level.

At any stage teachers and students can re-visit a particular area of learning.  The four Modules within Nifty Notes are set out as follows:

  • Module 1:  6 notes studied across 3 note values
  • Module 2:  12 notes studied across 4 note values
  • Module 3:  16 notes studied across 5 note values
  • Module 4:  26 notes studied across 6 note values


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