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Nifty Notes – the Dawson Method of Reading Music, is an essential learning tool of vast benefit to both students and teachers alike.
It provides school teachers with a comprehensive program to give them the confidence to teach the subject of Music, with little or no musical knowledge. More particularly, it will also

  • give teachers the ability to include or exclude any component in any lesson,
  • provide teachers with a “real-time” progress report;
  • provide teachers with the ability to teach students remotely;
  • become an essential component to be incorporated in an aural or theory lesson (particularly useful for instrumental music teachers),
  • and provide an opportunity to use percussion instruments more creatively.

It also crosses other areas of learning, as it:

  • improves maths skills,
  • improves a student’s sense of rhythm and therefore motor skills,
  • encourages strategic thinking,
  • promotes confidence in learning,
  • promotes creative writing skills (literacy).

The value to students is also extensive, as a student will learn to:

  • instantly recognise notes,
  • instantly recognise note values,
  • instantly recognise sharps and flats and understand accidentals,
  • instantly recognise and understand treble and bass clefs,
  • understand octaves and their structure,
  • grasp the basic concept of key signatures and scales,
  • understand how musical measures (bars) are formed,
  • create their own music and lyric compositions within each module.

The value to parents is also immeasurable, as Nifty Notes will increase their child’s enjoyment and interest in reading music notation, and speed up this process by at least half.