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As Nifty Notes – The Dawson Method of Reading Music is a game based learning tool, your students will enjoy the engaging way “Nifty Nev” takes them gently from theory to games, to revision and quizzes, and play the game with ease while gaining an invaluable insight into the world of music notation.  As the Dawson Method of Reading Music is based on a gradual build up of becoming familiar with just a few notes and concepts at a time, Nifty Notes will enhance the sight reading of your students, and sharpen the skills of those who can already read music.

Nifty Notes – The Dawson Method of Reading Music is an invaluable technological aid for those students with Special Education needs.  By formulating a lesson plan from Module 1 using just three notes in each clef and a few simple theory pages of explanation, a gently gradual method of learning is achieved and easily built upon.  Add to this the four games and revision, and the learning needs of any student is prioritized. 

Nifty Notes – The Dawson Method of Reading Music provides cross-curriculum content in mathematical skills, strategic thinking, improvisation, literacy, and confidence in learning to name a few. 

Stages 4&5 Outcomes:  All Nifty Notes Modules appear in game format with clearly graduated theory lessons throughout.  Students will learn a range of musical concepts from the most basic explanations of Middle C, to more complex subjects such as relative structure and key signatures.  The first game, called “Memory” gradually teaches the student each note and gently builds their knowledge of musical notation.  The second, called “Rocking Rhythm” provides clear instruction on note values (beats), in the form of a dice game.  “Clapping Clowns” follows as the third game and builds the student’s knowledge of the formation and structure of musical bars.  The fourth game, called “Writing Wriggles” is a composition tool that students will use to practice their knowledge of musical notation and write their own compositions.  The teacher can select any number of musical bars to be composed within their lesson plans.  All games are followed by revisions and quick quizzes to sharpen notation reading skills and provide formative and summative assessment.

Stages 4&5 Concepts and Content:  Using Nifty Notes – The Dawson Method of Reading Music, students will learn a range of musical concepts in depth, such as duration, pitch, beat, metre, tempo, and dynamics.  Explanatory theory is introduced before each game in each default module, as well as in a drop down menu for further revision or clarification.  Teachers can however, tailor a lesson plan to a specific subject.  Improvisation plays an integral part of the Nifty Notes program, particularly in games 3 and 4.  Students learn to compose bars of “beats” in the “Clapping Clowns” game, and compose music in the “Writing Wriggles” game, either individually or in groups.  They will learn how the concepts of music are used and manipulated in compositions and arrangement.  Aural skills are enhanced by listening to the pitch of each note, and the rhythms created by bar structures.   

Information and Communication Technologies:  Nifty Notes – The Dawson Method of Reading Music can be integrated into the classroom learning experience in a number of ways to assist in the achievement of outcomes:

  • Whole-class learning with IWB;
  • Whole-class learning with individual technological devices (i.e. laptops, iPads, androids);
  • Peer learning in any sized group or ensemble;
  • Remote learning
  • Lesson plans structured to an individual student’s needs (i.e. a student above or below class average);
  • Homework assignments;
  • Integrated into school band, ensemble and orchestra requirements providing key competencies in working with others and in teams.

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