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  • Students will learn to read music fluently and easily in HALF THE TIME it usually takes by conventional methods
  • Students will learn music theory while having FUN with a “game based” learning system


NIFTY NOTES – THE DAWSON METHOD OF READING MUSIC is a scientifically, well tested and essential learning tool for every music student of any age, from primary and secondary school students, to all instrumentalists and vocalists.  It is a four-part “game” system of learning, beginning with a game of memorizing musical notes, flowing to a dice game teaching note values, a rhythm game teaching music structure, and finally to a musical/lyrical composition exercise. 

Within four modules, Nifty Notes commences at “beginner” level to study a bank of six notes and three note values.  By the fourth module, over 26 notes and six note values are studied, along with many other key elements and complexities of music, targeting up to fourth grade level music students.

The value to students is extensive as a student will learn to READ MUSIC IN HALF THE TIME using Nifty Notes, compared to conventional methods.

  • instantly recognise notes,
  • instantly recognise note values,
  • instantly recognise sharps and flats and understand accidentals,
  • instantly recognise and understand treble and bass clefs,
  • understand octaves and their structure,
  • grasp the basic concept of key signatures and scales,
  • understand how musical measures (bars) are formed,
  • create their own music and lyric compositions within each module.

The value to parents is also immeasurable, as Nifty Notes will increase their child’s enjoyment and interest in reading music notation, and speed up this process by at least half.